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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Inky Impressions

Inky Impressions Facebook Giveaway............

Facebook Giveaway March 31st

Have you noticed the Inky Giveaway badge in the upper corner of our blogs? Or perhaps you may have seen one on another Inkettes’ blog? Well, if not (or even if you have) I promise you…. YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS GIVEAWAY! It will be starting on the 31st of March.

We are going to have prizes, and LOTS of them! And that’s where the fun will begin ;)

To start out on this amazing giveaway…. Inky’s momma (Nicole) is going to be offering

In order to qualify for the prize, you must do the following:

1.) Share the Facebook giveaway badge . The more places you share, the more entries you get so if you share other than Facebook please provide an link
2.) Go to the Inky website and check out the following categories: Lili, Angelica, Christopher & Nicholas. Then you will need to leave a comment on the Facebook post stating what Inky stamp is your all time favorite. If you don’t comment you will not be eligible for the prize.

What is the prize you ask? Well to start, we are offering up

Angelica’s Bunny
Cowgirl LiLi
LiLi’s Chicks
1 Sentiment stamp
3 packs of Inky Pearls
3 packs of Inky Charms
2 packs of Inky Dinky Drops
2 packs of Inky Rhinestone Brads
1 package of Mulberry Roses

Here’s the BEST PART……… For every 25 people that comment with their favorite image (out of the 4 categories listed above) we will increase the prize (another stamp, ribbon, more goodies). We will announce the new addition to the prize package on the blog when we reach that point (We gotta have some sort of surprise ;) )

All the best 

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